Step 1:
Create Account with

If you would like to show with us this year, the first step is to open a (free) account with After clicking the link below, choose [Create Account]. The site will ask for your name, and an email address (the email address you enter will become your username), and will ask you to create a password. You will then receive a confirmation email message which will allow you to activate the account.

Your account will not be accessible until you click the link in the confirmation email

Step 2:
Add [People/Horses] information to your account

Using this account will save you time in the future, because all of your information will be saved in the system after you complete this step. Log in to your account by clicking the link above and entering the information you created during registration. You will be greeted by a blue background. If you do not already see a menu, look for the [Start] button in the bottom left corner of your browser window and click it. Next, click on [People/Horses] to save your horse, rider, and horse owner information into the system. There will be two tabs at the top of the window, [People] and [Horses], and a green plus sign at the bottom left corner which will allow you to [Add] a new entry into your account.

Note, you will need to create an entry for the owner of a given horse before you can create an entry for that horse.

Step 3:
Use the [Create Entries] option.

Sometime before each of our shows, you will be able to electronically enter through by clicking “Enter Shows Online,” then logging into the account you created in Step 1. Once you’re at the page with the blue background, in the “Start” menu look for and click on “Create Entries.” If we have a show coming up soon, it should be listed in the window that pops up. You may then use their Drag-and-Drop interface to create your entries using the Horse and Rider information you created in Step 2, and dragging all [Classes] to be entered into the appropriate box. If you need to add any new Horses or Riders to your account, repeat the instructions in Step 2.

Note, hitting “OK” only saves your Entries, they have not yet been submitted, this allows trainers to create “what if” entries before finalizing their submission.

Step 4:
[Submit Created Entries] to Enter the Show

This is very important. In order to actually enter the show, go to the [Start] menu and click [Status / Submit Created Entries to Horse Show]. In this window you can [Edit Item]s and [Delete Item]s before finalizing your entries. Once you are satisfied that all of the information on this window is correct, click [Submit Created Entries] in the bottom left corner of this window.

If you have problems with the website not covered above, you may refer to their User's Guide Here, or give us a call in the office and we will try to walk you through the process.

See you at the show!