What’s available for
your child’s age

Our various day camp programs are designed to be age-appropriate, but all children from 3 to 15 years old enjoy riding, swimming, sports and arts.

Here is a Sample Program: The day is divided in periods of 45 minutes each. We start at 9:30 and end at 4:30.

1st Period: Stable
2nd Period: Team Sports / Individual Sports / Arts Electives
3rd Period: Swim Instruction
4th Period: Picnic Lunch
5th Period: Arts & Crafts / STEM / Nature / Permorming Arts
6th Period: Club period
(Camper’s choice: Team Sports, Gymnastics, Acting/Music, Martial Arts, Archery)
7th Period: Horseback Riding Lesson
8th Period: Horse Care Lesson
9th Period: Free Swim

Note: Jr. Campers do not have a stable period, they have Playground instead. C.I.T’s have 2 stable periods (1st and 9th)

Early Starters (3-4 yrs old)

Our Early Starters experience all the activities Thomas School has to offer, but with the extra attention and gentle care they need. We have many horses who have spent their entire lives teaching children to ride, and they are perfect beginner horses for our 3 and 4-year-olds. Our swim staff takes pride in helping the little ones become comfortable and confident in the water. It is amazing to see the progress that these young campers make in just one summer.

Junior Campers (5-8 yrs old)

Junior Campers’ daily activities are suited to their developmental needs: Daily riding lessons are supplemented by basic horse care education. They enjoy periods of free play on the playground, the Junior Camp pool includes a very shallow end for beginner swimmers as well as a deep end for more advanced swimmers. Our friendly, charismatic group counselors are always helping the youngsters learn how to interact with their peers in a supportive way.

Senior Campers (9-12 yrs old)

Senior Campers have opportunities for advancement in many areas, learning skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. At the pool, swimmers are grouped by ability for instructional periods. We offer riding classes for every skill level, and Senior Campers may test into more advanced Horse Science study. Senior Campers begin to feel a sense of responsibility as they take care of their “own” horse once a day.

CIT’S – Campers in Leadership Training (13-15 yrs old)

In addition to enjoying the same activities as the rest of camp, our teens are given more responsibilities with horses and younger campers, are allowed more freedom with their schedules, and enjoy extra privileges like off-site trips and free periods. Our CITS are offered many unique learning opportunities including Pre-Vet care, Lifeguard Training, and babysitting training. Outstanding CITs have the opportunity to become assistant group counselors and may be offered staff positions upon completion of the program.