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Thomas School Horse Treatment Accusations are False

Thomas School has never sold a horse for slaughter.  And never will.  The horse was sold to Jesses Austin as a riding horse.  When the horse went to the sale it was stipulated that he could not be purchased by a slaughter buyer.  Project Sage also wrongly accused Jesse Austin as such. She fabricated her story of keeping him from a slaughter trailer.
Thomas Schoool of Horsemanship has spent 70 years caring for horses in ways that give them longer and better lives. We love and treat them with all the care they need to be comfortable and happy.

The picture painted by our wrongful accusers implied that every horse who goes to the auction faces the atrocities that they allude to. This is just not true. Many of the horses sold at that auction have found their homes in barns all over Long Island.

Can we keep every horse that ever comes through our doors? Of course not. Sometimes horses need to be sold. Rex needed to be sold and he was sold as a horse to be used as a riding horse. He was never on his way to slaughter as we were accused.
We want to remind you of who we are. We are a place that loves their horses.
Keeps them into their later years and cares for them in extraordinary ways.

Let me speak our truth:

Our Gizmo, who is well into his 30’s, has not been able to work in over 9 months. But he has such a great spirit with the kids still, he is living in his outside stall and greets kids as they arrive. We had a retirement home set up for him, so we had a retirement party for him. Then the retirement home fell through, so he is still under our love and care at Thomas School.

Our Cricket, who has been struggling now for about 5 months as she has started to founder, we have spent thousands of dollars already on her treatment and special shoes, in hopes that she will recover. She was comfortable enough the other day to actually be turned out!!

Our Sherman, has an infection that was recurring, the only cure was surgery to effected part. We gave him the expensive surgery, then rested him for months, then tried to bring him back to teach our young ones last summer. The infection recurring. So we decided that it was best to retire him. He now lives on 35 acres in Tennessee.

Our Archer, was diagnosed with Wobblers, which was a neurological problem that put him at risk of falling down with a rider on. We kept him for 9 months trying to find a vet school that could give him the surgery. After being unable to find a college that would do that , we searched for a rescue for him. We found Amaryllis Rescue in Southhampton who fell in love with him too and agreed to adopt him. They are taking donations for his surgery. Anyone who is able to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated. Contact them at .

Our Dino, who was sound, but couldn’t stay sound if he jumped. So he was able to find a home with Archer at Amarylliss Rescue .

When Jalapeno came back from his winter home, he was skin and bones. With our love and care he was able to gain hundreds of pounds and return to his wonder life teaching our little ones.

All those were just this past year.

Our Milky Way lived to be at least 35 years old through the life that Thomas School provided for him.. He lived at the Thomas School for about 3 years as a pet for the kids, because he didn’t even work for those years.

Our Arapahoe, lived out his retirement years with an alumni, Steve Loheac.

Our Stormy lived at Thomas School, loved a cared for for almost 4 years after he could no longer be ridden. When he got so he couldn’t stand up by himself, we made him a hoist out of fire hose, and would lift him up.

This is who we are.

Thomas School cares for their horses beyond ordinary measures. That is why all the people who go through our program have lived it and know it.

As I try to find a silver lining in this horrible ordeal, I find it in the current and past Thomas School people who have taken their time to write their true stories in support of Thomas School.