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It is the Year of the Horse, Find your connection.

For centuries, throughout the world, horses have played an integral role in numerous cultures.  In celebration of the Year of the Horse children should have the opportunity to experience the countless benefits of having horses in their lives.


Consider the pairing of horse and child… magic ensues.  The benefits are endless as the horse gently and patiently teaches the child and the child eagerly and happily learns from the horse.  Introverted children build confidence and learn trust.  Children who are more rambunctious learn to be quiet, sensitive and respectful.  Caring for a horse is quite an arduous task, one that never ends.  Children learn responsibility and discipline by caring for a horse as well as independence and patience.  But above all children build strong loving bonds to a creature that is nothing shy of sublime.  Let us celebrate, it’s the year of the horse!


February 2014 marks the Chinese calendar Year of the Horse.  Twelve animals symbolize the Chinese Zodiac from rabbit, rooster, snake, sheep, rat, ox, monkey, pig, tiger, dog and dragon.  Above all these is the most beloved and revered symbol… this year’s Chinese Zodiac animal is the horse.  The horse may be one of the most respected animals among the Zodiac calendar.  So respected, that the Chinese never used horses for farm work or hauling, that was left to the ox.  Chinese believe the horse to be a symbol of success and intelligence, unwavering ambition and tireless strength.


The horse is symbolic of many extraordinary attributes.  From the moment a horse is born it demonstrates its strength and independence by standing up and walking.  It is as strong as it is playful, exhibiting intelligence perhaps intuition, not to mention confidence.


If you’ve never looked directly into the eyes of a horse you are truly missing out on something special.  If the eyes are the window to the soul then looking into the eyes of a horse will expose you to something that can’t really be described.  You may never know what they’re thinking or feeling but these majestic creatures with their deep, rich, plum sized globes offer a view into the limitless.  You look into their eyes you glimpse into a vast and gentle soul.