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Swimming is a lifelong skill that every child needs.
We are dedicated to providing quality Red Cross lessons
to create confident swimmers.

Every child can become a confident swimmer with the support of a good teacher. That’s why every single camper receives daily Red Cross Certified Swimming Lessons, tailored to fit their skill level, with one of our trained Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

Additionally, each camper enjoys a fun Free Swim period with pool toys and games, under the constant supervision of our pool staff. We also ensure that the children are familiar with our pool safety rules and procedures before they participate in Free Swim.

“Knowing that every day my children were in a safe,
supervised and fun place made going to work easier.”
Camp Parent/Staff, Debby McGuire

Finally, if your child loves swimming, and loves swimming fast, they can try out for the Swim Team! We regularly hold competitive Swim Meets with visiting camps, and as always, extra points are awarded for good sportsmanship and team spirit