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Sports and Arts

We have great sports and arts options for discovery and fun:

Gymnastics * Dance * Drama * Tennis * Archery * Soccer
Lacrosse * Hockey * Touch Football * Basketball * Softball * Kickball
Volleyball * Badminton * Ping Pong * Arts and Crafts
Capture the Flag * Martial Arts * Circus Tricks
and More!

Older campers get to personalize their camp experience through our Elective and Club periods. Electives are chosen each week for variety, and a Club is chosen each session for a more intensive learning experience.

“I’ve never, in my 22 years of raising three boys, ever seen or felt
a more heavenly experience for one of my children.”
Parent, Diane Puccio

In our gymnasium or on the outdoor stage, campers learn Gymnastics and Dance, take part in fun & exciting improvisational games, or rehearse for spectacular Drama performances. Our staff drama specialist Katie organizes great shows and demonstrations for Parent’s Day so you can see all your child has learned!
The program was such a huge success last year that we absolutely had to have Katie back all the way from England to work her magic again this summer!

But the opportunity for creative outlet doesn’t end there! Our Arts and Crafts specialists always have fun, new creative projects for your campers, and you can always see their works of art on display at the Parent’s Day Art Show.

“I loved Arts and Crafts at Thomas School,
and today I am a professional artist”
-Camp Alumni, Maureen Murphy