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History & Philosophy

Connecting Children with Horses for Over 70 Years!

In 1943 Bill and Fran Thomas purchased a stretch of potato fields in the heart of Long Island, New York. From those humble beginnings their dream was realized: A summer day camp (founded in 1952) and year round riding school where families can enjoy all the gifts that horses offer, a place where children can spend their summers riding, playing, learning, and growing, and a place for a supportive community to share in the joys of horsemanship.

“This is where our roots are, this is where we became who we are.”
Camp Alumni, Mike Martuscello, 1969

Today, the Thomas School Day Camp and Long Island Ride School continues to honor the traditions set by the Thomas family over 70 years ago. Most of our Directors have been part of Thomas School for over 20 years, many of them having started as campers or riders themselves. Our summer day camp has given thousands of children experiences and friendships that they cherish for a lifetime.

“My best friends today are the friends I made at Thomas School.”
Camp Alumni, Katie Rimmer, 1996