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Staff Specialists

Our staff Specialists are here to teach, support, and help
our campers to discover their inner talent, develop self-confidence,
and flourish as unique individuals.

Your child may develop pride in their abilities at the gymnasium with our gymnastics or dance specialists, or at the archery range with our archery instructors. They may discover a new sense of teamwork and sportsmanship on the field with our sports staff. Perhaps your child will realize their love for performance art with our drama specialists, or unleash a previously unknown creative spirit with our encouraging Arts and Crafts staff.

“Every summer, I think about you and all that TSH did for me,
and I want you to know that I am who I am because of you.”
Camp Alumni, Sue Silver

Our specialists are here to give campers an opportunity to try new things, find what they love to do, and point them in the right direction. Developing interests and hobbies early in life creates a strong foundation for a happier childhood, and helps to keep kids out of trouble later in life. It is truly an incredible thing when young children discover a passion they want to pursue.

We are dedicated to the safety of our campers. All of our
Ride Instructors are Horsemanship Safety Association Certified,
and all Lifeguards must have current Red Cross Certification.