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Group Counselors

Our Counselors and Leaders are carefully screened and selected.
They must be enthusiastic, responsible and excellent role models.
Many staff members are alumni who love what we do for kids.

The cornerstone of our amazing staff is certainly our intensive Staff Training program, organized and facilitated by owner and director Nancy Thomas. During this training, our staff-to-be learn many important skills such as conflict mediation and how to foster a supportive environment in their groups. They also learn that it’s okay to come out of their shells, have fun, and be silly, in fact, it is entirely essential to a fun camp atmosphere.

“I had a great time working with the Early Starters and
everyone helped me when I needed it. The entire staff was wonderful
and I can’t wait to see everyone next summer!”
First Year Staff, Emily Osterman

Many of our Counselors and Leaders are camp alumni who understand all the wonderful things our camp has to offer, and wish to carry on the tradition they enjoyed as campers by sharing it with a younger generation.

“I have spent half my life either at TSH Camp or spending a school year looking forward to it. I can honestly say that I have just as much fun now, on the staff, as I did when I was a camper.”
Camp Alumni/Staff, Kayla Murdock

A number of our staff attended Thomas School as kids, and now support the traditions of our day camp by returning with their own children, so that they may enjoy all the gifts of horsemanship and our supportive camp community. Our day camp embodies qualities which transcend generations, and lessons which last a lifetime. Our top-quality staff is a reflection of these traits.